heroin crisis

We have a real crisis it is called illegal drugs.

One of the problems that many people face is this idea that all opioid medications are now bad and should never be used or prescribed unless your about to die.

This is just not accurate at all in fact properly managed prescription medications can often provide relief and without the nonsense that the media are hyping up about this so called crisis.

The issue that we are facing here is a real one and it is something that is not good for the health care system or the patients.

the news media is awash with hysteria about the opioid crisis (or opioid epidemic). But what exactly are we talking about? If you Google “opioid crisis”, nine times out of 10 the first paragraph of whatever you’re reading will report on death rates. That’s right, the overdose crisis.

Is this the path of least resistance?

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WHY do you believe the media?

Politics are becoming a real problem for a lot of people all over the world however it is in the United States where we are facing the greatest challenge.

Everyone knows that the war on drugs has failed.

We have states that are legalizing medical Canibus, AKA medical Marijuana but the far left and the far right are actively engaged in this idea that there is a medical crisis in this nation.

The truth is that there is no crisis.

The entire truth about this lie is something that people want to believe is true.

The lies just keep getting bigger. . .

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There is no Opiate problem

For years we have seen this mentality of non existent problems that liberals feel must be solved, from your bedroom to your bathroom they will find a way to tell you how to live your life. 

Naturally there are going to be a percentage of prescription abusers. 

That percentage is 3 percent and in some areas perhaps a bit more. 

But that does not mean that there are not legitimate needs for this drug and it does not mean that we need to send people to treatment programs paid for by the government. 

Is that not just the saddest thing you ever heard about?

IT should be. 

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the Power of Workers compensation

Considering the way that Unions impacted the lives of Americans who needed protection from large industry using people who were often poor and unable to negotiate wages due to their status in society, it is surprising that workers compensation as a whole in America is still not as protective of those that are most vulnerable to being exploited by large corporations.  


We know a few things about how things work and often what happens is that the worker has no choice but to fight in a system where “The Deck is Stacked against them”  

Take the case of a Traumatic Brain Injury where the patient is at a huge disadvantage and risk of sustaining a larger life and body as a whole injury because of the propensity of the industry to take extra-ordinary steps to insure an outcome favorable to the corporation and or insurance company who agreed to protect a patient from a covered loss. 

Instead of providing life changing treatment the insurance company will engage in all manner of behavior to deny, delay and defend rather than to help, provide and manage disability issues. 


It is disturbing to see and much more disturbing to experience. 

Insurance companies have begun to litigate rather than to live up to the nature of the contracts they engage in. 

The truly frightening aspect of what is happening with serious injuries is that there is no mechanism to prevent the insurer from exploiting the legal system to produce a favorable profit for the insurance company.  

What this does is create destructive behavior for those that need protection from insurance companies. 

Insurance companies by their nature exist (or should exist) to empower the patient not the bottom line. 

What a difference it would make if all workers compensation companies were (Non Profit) 

This would eliminate the practice of Delay, Deny and Defend just to profit at the expense of the patient. 

How different it would be for patients that did not have to spend significant time defending injuries and instead take part in achieving relief and or developing a better life plan than the present system of denial. 

Were hoping that in the future others who are as yet un injured will not have to go through the hell of the current system. 


pain and serious disease…

You know something there is a serious issue out there that is really creating a problem for a lot of people.

It is Political in nature and it has no business in the medical world.

We see politics governing everything from what kind of medication you can take to allowing medication from third world nations to be sold in the United States…

This is a huge problem yet the media barely cover it at all…


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Too Bad So Sad…

Many times in this advanced society we find ourselves spending too much time doing everything except noticing what is going on around us. 

Its hard to walk past a man on the street and not notice that he is homeless or is it. 

The Irony of off shore prescriptions

There is a certain irony when you think about how recent changes have brought about the import of off shore medications to some large retail chain pharmacies. 

The serious nature of this issue is one that in itself is ironic. 

Back a few years ago you could order just about anything you wanted to order and it would be delivered to your door. 

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riteaids (alleged) fake medication and fraud?

Ok, this is a big story and its one that you will not be seeing on the Television.

First, you should be aware that there are reports from consumers that Riteaid may have and currently and allegedly may be selling medications manufactured by a company in India where complaints have been received that the medications may not be real?

Now first this is just reports and complaints so far. 

However it is concerning when you begin to see a lot of such activity. 

But what if its true, what if (allegedly and unknowingly) right aid may have some responsibility to do the right thing and fix it. 

WE think that there are some cases where counterfeit medication is being sold. 

The reason why we believe this may be possible is that we interviewed one such case where the medication given and prescribed to a patient did not function as expected and in fact did not function at all. 

This is serious and we will be updating this very soon with other reports about this company and its alleged actions to correct and or deny or possibly even not telling the entire truth about what it knows. 

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Health care insurance company reform

So many people seem to not understand that in order to have health care reform you must have health care insurance reform. 

I suspect that there are some that understand that in order for real health care reform to take place some how some way health insurance companies will likely be gutted. 

If that sounds scary to you then its because it is likely a terrifying thing to some people, but not all. 

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fake prescription crisis

Is there really a prescription drug crisis in this nation?

Think about it before you answer because the truth may be a lot different than you have been led to believe. 

In one news article they state that 12 million people are taking prescription pain medications does that constitute a crisis?

Considering the population of the United States…

318.9 million As of 2014 and lets face it there are more than that in this nation right now…

Lets see, is that half the population?

Well no its not…

Then what is a crisis, then?

Ten Percent of the population?

Again, thats 31 million people so lets look a little closer at this crisis, shall we?

Ok, then lets say 5 percent of the population of the US…

Again thats 15 Million…

So, lets get this into perspective, were talking about less than 5 percent of the population right?

Unless were just bad at math then Yes, thats accurate, so of that 5 percent how many people are abusing prescription medications?

Apparently for some people they think that everyone taking prescription medication for pain is an abuser because that is what you would have to do to say that there is a problem but that is still not a crisis. 

Why is this happening?

Back many years ago there was a big problem with opiate abuse. 

They smoked it, they had Dens where they would supply it to anyone that came into the place sort of like we do in bars these days. 

You just walk in and you can get quietly drunk and then go out and drive your car or get into trouble in many other ways. 

Sure it was a problem when they had bars that served opium but that was a long time ago. 

So, why is this happening again?

Mostly its an imaginary war that they can win…

They created this fake crisis, they talk about it and they even created treatment programs for anyone that takes this medication, now they are criminalizing it. 

What if someone told you that only 1 percent of people are actually abusing the medication would you think that would constitute a crisis?

If you think that is true then you probably need some help…

Fortunately there is a rehab treatment type corporation that is standing by waiting to treat you for your problem…

Sounds crazy right?